Driven Fence panel fencing rentals come in various sizes and can adapt to any configuration your site requires. Panels can be installed or relocated in minutes, allowing you to change your fence as needed. Panels can swing in their bases, allowing you to create gate openings anywhere you need them.

Driven Fence panels are more durable than the competition offers, decreasing damage charges at the end of your project—our fully welded 1 5/8” O.D. SS20 panel frames and pipe bases on our 6’ and 8′ high fences are stronger and more stable than some of the other fence companies, which fall apart over time.

8’ high-driven fence panels come with additional bracing inside each panel to ensure a more robust fence line. All fence sections are professionally welded, clamped, and tied to give you the best security possible on your site.

Driven Fence panels can be leased from one day to 3 years. Call today for the best pricing for your project.


Using Windscreen on Driven Fence construction fence panels is a great way to protect pedestrians and motorists from the dust and sand on your project site. It’s also a great tool for protecting your work site from unwanted elements and particles that could be brought in by the wind.

Our Windscreen is lightweight and easy to install. Once installed, occasional maintenance is only needed if the Windscreen will remain on the panels for long periods of time.


Sometimes your project requires a complete enclosure while needing entry and exit access.

Driven Fence offers sturdy gate rental to allow vehicles and equipment access to your work site or cordoned-off project area.

Our Gates can be installed to swing or to slide and offer various opening widths. Our construction-grade steel helps eliminate sagging and deterioration.


Orange Safety Fence can be seen just about all over the United States, wherever there is a construction or hazard zone. Its bright orange color helps it stand out against almost any background, helping pedestrians and motorists notice it from afar.

Driven Fence provides Orange Construction Fence for your work zone or construction project. Our fence is durable and requires very little maintenance. We also have steel stakes to help you anchor the fence. Keep your project safe with Orange Safety Fence from Driven Fence.


Keep the unwanted soil and sediment off your street and landscaped areas with Silt Fence from Driven Fence.

Our Silt Fence handles burying well as it resists the elements for long periods of times. It’s also porous enough to allow restricted water flow while keeping back all the unwanted debris and sediment elements.

Silt Fence from Driven Fence is perfect for long-term or short-term construction projects, including housing development, embankment construction and borrow storage.





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