Silt Fence

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Sediment Control

Easy Installation and Dismantling

A silt fence is a temporary barrier used in construction sites to prevent sediment from being washed away by stormwater runoff. It’s a critical component of erosion control and is often made from porous woven geotextile fabric supported by wooden or metal stakes.

The primary purpose of a silt fence is to maintain water quality by trapping sediment on-site, which is vital for complying with environmental regulations. The fabric pores are small enough to give the water time to settle and deposit the silt while allowing the water itself to flow through.


  • Silt fences help stabilize soil and prevent topsoil loss which could lead to environmental and infrastructural damage

  • Effective silt fencing can save costs by reducing the need for cleanup and potential fines from environmental violations

  • An essential tool in erosion control

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