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Driven Fence is known in Chicagoland for there temporary fencing and crowd control barricades.

For years, Driven Fence has provided temporary fence panels and pedestrian barricades to the construction industry, the special events industry, as well as many other businesses and organizations looking to secure a job site or venue, both large and small.

You can lease your panels from one day to one year or you can purchase or rent our crowd control barricades for your next project. For years, Driven Fence has been a key provider of temporary fence and barricades to the special events industry. products are used weekly at some of the largest events, enclosing street festivals, protecting VIP areas and keeping top talent safe from public access. From carnivals, outdoor concerts and celebrations, to inaugurations and celebrations of every kind, Driven Fence gets the job done!

Use Driven Fence to effectively secure your site from outside injury, theft or dumping. Our many years of service to the construction industry has allowed us to design our products to best fit your needs and make your project a success.


Temporary Fence Products Chicago


Driven Fence panels come in a variety of sizes and can adapt to any configuration your site requires. Panels can be installed or relocated in minutes, allowing you to change your fence as needed. Panels can swing in their bases, allowing you to create gate openings anywhere you need them.

Driven Fence panels are more durable than what the competition has to offer, decreasing damage charges at the end of your project. Our fully-welded 1 5/8” O.D. SS20 panel frames and pipe bases on our 6’ and 8' high fences are stronger and more stable then some of the other fence companies which falls apart over time.

8’ high Driven Fence panels come with additional bracing inside each panel to ensure a stronger fence line. All fence sections are professionally welded, clamped and tied to give you the best security possible on your site.

Driven Fence panels can be leased from one day to 3 years. Call today for the best pricing for your project.