Driven Fence is known in Chicagoland for their temporary fencing and crowd control barricades.

For years, Driven Fence has provided temporary fence panels and pedestrian barricades to the construction industry, the special events industry, as well as many other businesses and organizations looking to secure a job site or venue, both large and small.

You can lease your panels from one day to one year or you can purchase or rent our crowd control barricades for your next project. For years, Driven Fence has been a key provider of temporary fence and barricades to the special events industry. products are used weekly at some of the largest events, enclosing street festivals, protecting VIP areas and keeping top talent safe from public access. From carnivals, outdoor concerts and celebrations, to inaugurations and celebrations of every kind, Driven Fence gets the job done!

Use Driven Fence to effectively secure your site from outside injury, theft or dumping. Our many years of service to the construction industry has allowed us to design our products to best fit your needs and make your project a success.


Driven Fence Welded Wire Fence is made with galvanized steel and fabricated in a 2 in. wide x 4 in. high work opening. The wire has a zinc covering which opposes rusting and gives long life to the fencing. This broadly useful wire is perfect for property depiction and stamping limits, greenery enclosures and confinement of small creatures.


Driven Fence offers Vinyl Fence in several shapes and styles. We can install Vinyl Picket Fence, Ranch Rail, Privacy, Semi-Privacy, Pool Fence and more, depending on your needs.

Buying Vinyl Fence is often a lifelong commitment, that’s why we offer ours at a great price. Our Vinyl Fence is made of the highest grade and will most certainly last a lifetime.


Agricultural Fence comes in all different shapes and sizes. Because it’s usually placed on farms and in rural areas, Agricultural Fence requires different components like wood posts, stranded wire, split-rail or barbed-wire in order to fit its intended terrain.

Driven Fence carries all the necessary components to install a rugged Agricultural Fence around your barn, property or garden. We’ll work with you to make sure the right materials for the terrain are installed, and we’ll do it for a great price.



Orange Safety Fence can be seen just about all over the United States, wherever there is a construction or hazard zone. Its bright orange color helps it stand out against almost any background, helping pedestrians and motorists notice it from afar.

Driven Fence provides Orange Safety Fence for your work zone or construction project. Our fence is durable and requires very little maintenance. We also have steel stakes to help you anchor the fence. Keep your project safe with Orange Safety Fence from Driven Fence.


Keep the unwanted soil and sediment off your street and landscaped areas with Silt Fence from Driven Fence.

Our Silt Fence handles burying well as it resists the elements for long periods of times. It’s also porous enough to allow restricted water flow while keeping back all the unwanted debris and sediment elements.

Silt Fence from Driven Fence is perfect for long-term or short-term construction projects, including housing development, embankment construction and borrow storage.



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